#agf14 Agile Games France 2014 as I lived it

le scribing de l'évènement
le scribing de l’évènement

On the way to ‘Agile Games France 2014’ created by Alexandre BOUTIN and organised (self-organized by the motivated participant, thanks to them and Alex) in Lyon this year.

Hup ! a flight, then the ‘rhône express’ train. It seems the wonderful station starts the event.the start of a beautiful journey

the start of a beautiful journey

In the station, an exposition on St Exupéry, a panel hold my attention :

"Ce qui importe ce n’est pas d’arriver mais d’aller vers"
« Ce qui importe ce n’est pas d’arriver mais d’aller vers »

« what matters is not arriving but going towards » St Exupéry (it’s a personal translation)

The subject of travel always inspires me…


Welcome, nice to see many familiar faces. A pleasant place.

ice-breaker J1
ice-breaker J1

We started by an ice-breaker : Frédéric Dufau-Joel and Vincent Daviet distributed stickers, we stick them on our forehead ignoring what ours represents. And the goal of the game is to gather together by subgroups according to our stickers without speaking.

According to the familiar self-organization (maybe a little bit freaky), the open space opens immediately without any rules presentation. The proposed games are sticked up on the wall.

First game I see : the cube game facilitated par Grégoire Robin (@GregoireRobin) et Thierry Montulé (@siamha).

jeu des cubes
jeu des cubes

video to add…

Then I played at ‘blue card’ of Alexandre Boutin (@agilex). This game makes you think about collaboration as the prisoner’s dilemma way.

carton bleu

carton bleu

I wished for feedbacks on my delegation poker version. Thanks to the participants ! I have now a clearer version.

une libre adaptation du delegation poker de Jurgen
une libre adaptation du delegation poker de Jurgen

I get on board of the titanic, at sinking we jumped on lifeboats. Di caprio wasn’t available, so it’s Nicolas Verdot (@Nverdot) who facilitated the game.

Titanic (photo trouvée sur http://www.seableue.fr/il-y-a-100-ans-le-titanic/)

Then, I played to ‘secret number’ facilitated by Maxence Walbrou, a simple and effective game for evoking the non verbale communication in particular and the communication in general.

nombre secret (Source http://www.mixxit.net/blog)
nombre secret (Source http://www.mixxit.net/blog)

I saw the Deborah Preuss (@deborahh) and friends game, based on ‘Fearless Change: Patterns for Introducing New Ideas’ ©2003, by Mary Lynn Manns and Linda Rising.

fearless journey
fearless journey

To get the game : http://tastycupcakes.org/wp-content/uploads/tdomf/2005/FearlessJourney_v1.0_WhereToGetTheGame.pdf

Laurent Sarrazin (@bangalaurent) made us work on our intrinsic motivation with Jurgen Appelo’s Moving Motivators

kit Moving Motivators de Jurgen Appelo
kit Moving Motivators de Jurgen Appelo

To get the game : http://www.management30.com/product/moving-motivators/

I caught a sight of a smash it session (a Must from the AGF14 edition) : Thierry Montulé (@siamha) dicovers MBTI types through physical tests. I was curious but I didn’t have the occasion to try myself…

montre-moi comment tu boxes et je te dirai quel est ton profil MBTI...
« montre-moi comment tu boxes et je te dirai quel est ton profil MBTI… »

« show me how you boxe, I’ll tell you your MBTI type… »

According to my comprehension, it is based on Action Types® approach developed by Ralph Hippolyte and Bertrand Théraulaz. After net search, this article in 2 parts was the most clarifying for me :



Passing by :

Seen, the classic Alexandre BOUTIN : (@agilex) and Erwin Van der Koogh (@evanderkoogh) Big Payoff on the project portfolios : agile or not agile ?

big payoff
big payoff


I unfortunately didn’t play to, but I only heard good feedbcaks of ‘architect et builders’. A sort of ‘artistes et spécifieurs’ with lego blocks. I don’t know the author. If I know more, I’ll mention the links…

architecte et bâtisseurs
architecte et bâtisseurs

ou encore

lego serious play
lego serious play

Second day :

Olivier Soudieux (@osoudieu) presentation, as usual, very funny and inspiring on ice-breaking (literal meaning) which takes us along the way of adaptation and problems resolutions facing hazards. When listen to Olivier, I put things into perspective what ‘I’ call hazards and risks in my professional life !!!

ice breaking (source 20 minutes)
ice breaking (source 20 minutes)

photo found on the net (http://www.20min.ch/diashow/44183/img1453ok-804ac4888efe4ecdf956c5f6935fcd89.gif )

Then, a good musical warm-up from my colleague Emmanuel Hervé (@ehervepro) :

ice breaker musical J2
ice breaker musical J2

Vidéo à venir

He gave a lot of himself and of his passion : music. Cf one of his blog articles, management : un projet, c’est comme un morceau de jazz.

Then, I could play to jeu du TAO, which I only know by name

jeu du TAO
jeu du TAO

This game helps us to resolve personal quests in group, inviting us to introspection and, at the same time, to the openness toward others. It’s been for me an instructive inner journey. My 2014 has started by journey evocation and ends up with the journey.

Thanks to the participants and organizers !!!

The original French version

Irène Doan


some links from other participants

Claude Aubry

Alexandre Boutin

Guillaume Ehret


Agile Garden

Christophe Addinquy



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